Welcome to our Company

At Sonshine, we do everything from branding to advertising to marketing. Anything that requires brainstorming or strategizing, we are all ears and dive deep in to arrive at the perfect campaign. With years of experience under our belt and few of the industry experts on our side, we have the perfect cheat sheet to produce results. Love us or hate us – You will need us to get you the spotlight!

We are basically a bunch of people who loves building brands. We have unique interest and talents but when we get together, we have an unbreakable bond that is meant to last.

Meet Our Team

10 years Experienced Media Professional with expertise in Managing Business Operations, Content and Programming Strategies, Sales, Brand & Product, Which includes Managing people, executing projects.

Strong Communication, Influencing and Execution Skills with experience in heading teams across diverse functions and regions. Planning and organizing campaigns for television analyzing data from media reports and finding out problems in it and implement fresh ideas to tackle problems. Making outlay of Budgets and finances for the year.

Proven success in running email marketing campaigns and implementing marketing strategies that have pulled in a good number of increase in qualified leads. Proficient in content, social media and inbound marketing strategies. Skilled, creative and innovative.

Managing Director


Creative Head

With 15 years of experience in media industry as program executioner & creative events production Imglad to work for sonshine Media as we have got a talented team.

Sasi Solai

Camera Man

I am a Camera Operator and DoP with substantial experience contributing to demanding, small and large-scale digital film & video productions with a interest in documentaries, promos, music videos, commercials and corporate productions, along with live broadcasts across music, sport and fashion.

Benn Thomas

Sound Designer

I have worked in lots of different areas of sound engineering and post I have worked on some truly amazing projects since I joined sonshine crew. And last but not least, we make joyful and profound live theatre all year round as a sound designer.


Vinoth Kumar


I’m a Video Editor based out of chennai. I focus on editing, motion graphics & graphic designing. I work with Ad Agencies, PR companies, and Startups to deliver high quality videos worldwide. I have over 10 years of experience in the corporate video world.