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Sonshine Studios offer the best quality Dubbing Studios with Industry standard Audio Interfaces / Sound Cards and Microphones. We have a Dubbing Booth which can be used as per the requirement and budget of the client. We always believe the ambience of the Studio and Dubbing room plays a major role in making the artist comfortable and makes them to work comfortably. With experienced Dubbing Engineers, your films will come to life with the voices dubbed with pin drop silence.

We have highly skilled Professional translators & Dubbing Artists for all Languages.

Dubbing services are as follows : Films | Short films | Documentries | Devotional Messages

Our Languages include but are not limited to the following

English | Hindi | Telugu | Tamil | Malayalam | Arabic | French | Urdu | Bahasa | Mandorin (Chinese) | Malay | Russian and more…

Edit Suite

Sonshine Media Works has been doing all kinds of video-graphic editing in chennai. With higher-end video editing studios, documentary film making and wide-range of media expertise, Our Works has thoroughly revolutionized and transformed the entire media broadcast Industry in Chennai. Sonshine Media Works gained a enormous popularity after its inception that the Indian Television gaints like Colours TV, Amazon prime, Netflix etc..

Music Production

Our Recording Studio is taken care by dedicated and passionate audio engineers. Recording, studio engineering , mixing and mastering happens in the same recording studio . At times studio takes up commercial projects ranging from small to big. We offer all the services necessary for an artist to record and complete a project; be it a song, album, audio book, programming, short films, sound effects or any mixing and mastering works.

We have all the tools you need to make your musical dreams become reality, all you have to do is apply yourself. Our friendly engineers are professional and easy to work with.

CG & Animation

We are capable of creating surreal worlds and breathing life into fantasy and myths.

we have consistently been providing creative services across the globe.

We work across films, commercials, VFX, and animation movies.

TPN audit combines detailed security requirements for physical and digital infrastructure, to gain maximum content security.

Green Matte Floor

We offer complete solutions for all your requirements and studio space for rent.

Our studio for rent in Chennai with Clean and Client Friendly. We offer an ideal solution and service for both professionals and amateurs/hobbyists for fashion, beauty, glamour, pre | post wedding, modelling, family, food, product, advertising/conceptual shoots.

Live Band Shoot

Being creative is all that matters. We like shooting typical music videos with the band playing back, but we definitely prefer experimenting with story or visual driven material. The shoot spot can also be rented for a typical day or night shoots with your own made band performing.

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